An Exciting Announcement From Enhance

An Exciting Announcement From Enhance

It was 1995 when Dr. Carol and I moved to the South Shore area—and we only knew one person in the entire state! We started our practice in Norwell in 1999. Which means, in 2014, we’ll be celebrating 15 years! Over the past decade-and-a-half, our reach and friendship has gone from that one person to thousands.

We all know that change is good, even though it makes us step out of our comfort zone. And many of you know that over the last year or so, we have expanded our brand to match the services we provide. We went from Norwell Spine & Sports to Enhance Integrated Wellness.

Well, we’re so excited to announce to you that we’re taking the next step in that brand expansion—we’re renovating! We just finalized the plans for our brand new space last week.

Once the space is complete, we’ll be located just down the road from our current office, to 25 Recreation Park Drive. (It’s in Hingham, but don’t worry—we’re still nearby.) It’s a very convenient site; it has an expanded floor plan, which means that we’ll be able to serve you so much better in the areas of chiropractic care, nutrition, massage therapy, and personal training. Every service we offer will be expanded and improved. The quality care that you’ve come to expect from us won’t change—in fact, your experience will just be better.

Here are some photos of our new space (in its demolished state!)—it doesn’t look like much now, but soon we’ll be calling it home.

enhance-integrated-wellness-central-admin-officeCentral Administrative Office
enhance-integrated-wellness-old-kitchenOld Kitchen
enhance-integrated-wellness-dr-scott-in-front-of-treatment-roomsDr. Scott In Front Of The Treatment Rooms
enhance-integrated-wellness-reception-areaReception Area

We’re going to bring you along on this journey with us. We’ll keep you updated as the new site is being built out, so be on the lookout for future posts as this new adventure unfolds for all of us.

We are super pumped to be at this stage, and can’t wait to share the vision with you!

Dr. Scott

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6 Responses to “An Exciting Announcement From Enhance”

  1. Kate Dobens

    This is truly fantastic. Congratulations!! I know all the work and faith it has taken to not only see the vision but make it happen. I CANNONT WAIT to see the finished space.

  2. Dave Mesheau

    I am so glad that I had the pleasure to meet you both way back in 95.

  3. Adrienne Albrecht

    Congratulations Scott & Carol! So happy to see everything moving forward! Thanks for sharing!


    Wonderful! Very exciting news..I would follow you to the end of the earth because, you guys really are the best, I really mean this, and I still refer you guys to everyone who needs help. Your treatments helped me walk again, when everyone else wanted to operate on me. Have not seen you in a long while either because thanks to you, I’ve been pain free!
    Congratulations on your well deserved move!
    ~Sally Cotten~ Pembroke, MA

  5. Larry Rice

    It has always been about doing everything possible to give the best care possible for Drs. Scott & Carol. This new endeavor proves that. Congratulations to you both and to those who will truly benefit from this remarkable next step in care.

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